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Mitigation Services

  • Emergency Response 

  • Water Damage

  • Fire and Smoke Damage


Water damage is one of the most common damages done to property, and relying on expert services when you need it critical. Whether it’s something small like a minor leak, a more serious sewage backup, or a flooded floor from your collapsed roof, water damage can quickly disrupt your day-to-day life. Our experts understand that water damage can spread rapidly and will cause more severe damage the longer it sits. All water damage must be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your property, such as mold that will significantly increase the amount of destruction done to your property, as well as an increase in costs for repairs.

Unfortunately, fires are a common and traumatic occurrence that affect thousands of Californians every year. Experiencing the after-effects of structural damage, health concerns from the smoke, or potential water damage from putting out the fire is likely to take an emotional toll on anyone affected. After a fire has taken place on your property, it is natural not to know exactly what to do. As industry professionals, Air can help restore your property and give you the advice and piece of mind needed along the way.

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