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Construction Services

  • Demolition and De-Commissioning

  • Reconstruction and Restoration


Whenever property owners are interested in re-development or new construction and find that their real estate has lost some of its useful life, the most appropriate business decision may be site restoration. Site restoration including remodeling to expand and achieve an improved layout will be preceded by a “demo” phase. “Soft demo” of building interiors or structural demolition of the entire facility can be part of the restoration plan. If the property happens to have environmental problems, we can assist our client and develop a scope of work to remediate the problem and then remove the structure as needed. Our experienced construction team can help you improve this asset, while keeping the environmental impact at a minimum using the most cost effective solution.

Air can handle the assessment, stabilization, and reconstruction needs of our clients. Air offers the most up-to-date methods and technologies to offer building owners, adjusters, managers, and consultants with a full-service solution, insuring the most feasible results for our clients. 

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