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Abatement Services

  • Asbestos Abatement

  • Mold Remediation

  • Contaminated Soils Clean-up

  • Methamphetamine Lab Clean Up

  • Plant Engineering and Maintenance

  • Facility Decontamination

  • Lab Packing

  • Lead and Lead Paint Abatement

  • PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyl’s)

  • Hazardous Waste Transportation

  • Underground Storage Tanks and Clarifiers

  • Vapor Extraction and Bioventing Systems

  • Insulation


Asbestos is most commonly found in fireproofing, insulation materials (piping, boilers, valves, heat exchangers, etc.), floor tile and coverings, acoustical ceilings, high voltage electrical power cables, roofing materials, soil, underground piping, transite, drywall and stucco. It was used almost exclusively as a component for many building materials between 1957-1974.

AIR Inc. can remove, decontaminate, encase, encapsulate, transport and dispose your asbestos containing materials. Proper containment and negative air systems are used to environmentally control your project.

Our services are customized to meet your particular needs and circumstances. We can show you how to minimize cost as well as maintain a low profile on your project, design a maintenance program for handling ACM, provide you with emergency response services, and minimize your potential liability.

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